Sheer joy for Great Dane puppy galloping in snowy forest

Raven is an 11 month old Great Dane who just might believe she is a horse. She has grown to a whopping 130 pounds and her long legs carry her through the forest with the speed of a galloping stallion. But she has not quite mastered balance and coordination and she is adorably clumsy on her long limbs. Raven has just been given a new red coat and she simply loves it. Being a short haired dog, she is feels the chill on long walks through the forest in this Canadian winter. She not only appreciates the warmth, but she has also learned that when the coat goes on, she is on her way to this magical wonderland of endless trails. She has been working hard on her recall training and she has only recently been allowed to run free while here. Previous walks were always on a leash as losing her in a remote forest, or having her run off after an animal could be disastrous. Now that she is so well trained, she is experiencing the freedom of off-leash explorations and she could not be more thrilled.