'She Thinks You're Her Baby' - Deer Comes Running as Newborn Boy Cries

A deer came racing out of the woods as a newborn baby was crying while being watched over by his mother in New Lexington, Ohio, recently shared video shows.

New Lexington resident Hanna Burton was spending some time with her then-five-week-old son, Charlie, on wooden decking outside of her home when Charlie started to cry.

Video by Burton, which she stated was filmed on July 9, shows Charlie crying on the deck as the deer charges out of nearby woods and stops suddenly, before turning its head toward Hanna and Charlie.

“This is my baby,” Hanna tells the deer, adding, “this one’s my baby. It’s not yours. Hi, momma.”

Speaking to Storyful, Hanna said the deer and her two fawns live nearby and occasionally appear outside of their home. Credit: Hanna Burton via Storyful

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