'There She Goes': Alberta Man Rescues Moose Calf Stuck in Fence

A man in Alberta, Canada, rescued a wailing moose calf caught in a wire fence as coyotes were circling.

Video filmed by Kyle Spratt show the moose with its leg stuck. A man can be seen approaching the fence to free it. Once parts of the fence have been cut, the calf rushes off.

“I noticed a few coyotes circling the area where the moose was caught up so I knew that it was only a matter of time before they had breakfast,” Spratt told Storyful.

Spratt said he called a local farmer who came to help free the moose, while he kept an eye on the calf’s mother who was waiting nearby. One of the two men can be heard saying “there she goes” as the calf runs through the next field.

Spratt said after the calf was released, it “met up” with the cow moose. Credit: Kyle Spratt via Storyful

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