Shawn Yue enjoys working behind the scenes



28 Aug – Having been away from the limelight for quite some time, Shawn Yue recently admitted that he enjoys working behind the scenes more nowadays.

The actor, who appeared at an outdoor brand event recently, revealed that he suffered from panic attacks for the past few years, beginning in 2017.

"I had difficulty breathing on a flight to France. I now need to take medicine regularly to control my condition. It is relatively stable now, but it was bad before," he said.

Shawn stated that the condition made him gradually lose enthusiasm for work. Instead, he became more interested in writing scripts.

"I prefer to work behind the scenes now so I don't have to meet people," he said. "I used to film 7 to 8 movies a year, which was quite labour-intensive. But now I prefer to cooperate with only my favourite actors and directors."

"Moreover, my kids are still young and I hope to spend more time with my family," he added.

Shawn tied the knot with wife Sarah Wang in 2017. The couple are parents to two children.


The actor enjoys being dad to his two kids
The actor enjoys being dad to his two kids


(Photo Source: Shawn Yue IG)