Sharon Stone, Liam Neeson and More Defend Kevin Spacey After Misconduct Allegations: ‘Our Industry Needs Him’

Following the release of Channel 4’s documentary “Spacey Unmasked,” a number of high profile celebrities have come out in support of Kevin Spacey. Sharon Stone, Liam Neeson and Stephen Fry are just a few of the names defending the actor.

“I can’t wait to see Kevin back at work,” Stone told The Telegraph on Wednesday. “He is a genius. He is so elegant and fun, generous to a fault and knows more about our craft than most of us ever will.”

Neeson – no stranger to controversy himself – also leapt to Spacey’s defense when prompted by The Telegraph.

“I was deeply saddened to learn of these accusations against him” the actor said. “Kevin is a good man and a man of character. He’s sensitive, articulate and non-judgmental, with a terrific sense of humor. He is also one of our finest artists in the theatre and on camera. Personally speaking, our industry needs him and misses him greatly.”

Spacey was initially fired from Netflix series “House of Cards” after actor Anthony Rapp alleged that Spacey molested him at the age of 14. A New York civil trial found Spacey not liable. The recent “Spacey Unmasked” documentary, available on Max in the U.S., featured alleged incidents unrelated to the previous trial.

“Surely it is wrong to continue to batter a reputation on the strength of assertion and rhetoric rather than evidence and proof,” Fry said about Spacey. “Unless I’m missing something, I think he has paid the price.”

“I vouch for him unequivocally,” actor F. Murray Abraham said. “Who are these vultures who attack a man who has publicly accepted his responsibility for certain behavior, unlike so many others?”

As for Spacey himself, he refused to stay silent about the release of the documentary.

“I have consistently denied — and now successfully defended — numerous allegations made both in the U.S. and the U.K., both criminal and civil, and each time have been able to source evidence undermining the allegations and have been believed by a jury of my peers,” his statement read.

The “Spacey Unmasked” documentary featured a number of interesting new information – particularly from Spacey’s brother Randy Fowler, who claimed their father hosted Nazi meetings. Other noteworthy details included accusers saying Spacey had an attraction to straight men who served in the military and that he pleasured himself to “Saving Private Ryan.”

“Spacey Unmasked” is available to stream on Max.

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