Shark Gives Snorkeling Siblings a Scare Off New South Wales Coast

A brother and sister had a close encounter off Bulli Beach, New South Wales, when a large shark approached them while they were snorkeling 150 meters from the shore.

Taia,16, and her 13-year-old brother Baxter were swimming together on June 14 when the shark came into view. Video by Taia shows the pair moving fast in the other direction, as Taia screams in fright, and Baxter holds tight to his spear gun, which he fortunately did not need.

Dad Scott Hanley was nearby, with Baxter’s twin brother Jobi. The latter, he said, “showed composure beyond his years to calm the other two down and assist in swimming them the 150 meters to shore and to safety.”

The kids’ mother, Cindy Hanley, wrote on Facebook that the incident “rattled them pretty badly”. However, she said she was sure they’d be “back out there soon” and that a “little bit of celebrity status has helped them get over it.” Credit: Scott Hanley via Storyful