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This AI robot vacuum is half off on Amazon Canada: 'works like a charm'

Save $200 on Shark AI Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation on Amazon Canada.

split screen of Shark AI Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation, Home Mapping, AI Laser Vision, Self‐Cleaning Brushroll, Wi‐Fi, Works with Alexa (RV2001CA)
This robot vacuum is on sale for a whopping 50% off right now on Amazon Canada (photos via Amazon).

Vacuuming is one household chore that many of us dread. Between pet hair, kids and general wear and tear, it's not uncommon for some households to reach for the vacuum once or twice daily.

If you're looking for an easier way to keep your home in tip-top shape minus the elbow grease, you may want to consider upgrading your current vacuum to the Shark AI Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation.

Amazon Canada reviewers say the unit "works like a charm" and "picks up so much unseen dust" and debris in their homes. Normally retailing for $400, the Shark vacuum is on sale for $200 — a whopping 50 per cent off.

Save 50%: Shark AI Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation

Shark AI Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation (photo via Amazon)
Shark AI Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation (photo via Amazon)

$200 $400 at Amazon

The details

Unlike other robot vacuums that require users to pre-tidy their floors, the Shark AI Robot Vacuum features AI laser vision, which intelligently detects and avoids objects and responds to no-go zones.

The robot cleans your home row by row, providing up to 50 per cent more coverage than traditional random bounce robots.

It's powerful enough to take on larger debris and pet hair trapped in carpets and features a self-cleaning brush roll that pulls in hair without getting tangled inside the machine.

Users can schedule whole-home cleans or target specific rooms or areas with the SharkClean app or voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

What people are saying

While the Shark AI Robot Vacuum has only collected a few dozen reviews, early adopters say it's "worth the investment" and "works perfectly."

One shopper, who previously had a housekeeper come "every other week for years," says the vacuum has "paid for itself in 45 days;" — "it does an excellent job."

The reviewer notes the benefits of the vacuum's self-cleaning brush roll, writing it "never gets tangled." They no longer struggle with hair "wrapped around the brushes all the time."

Shark AI Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation (photo via Amazon)
Shark AI Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation (photo via Amazon)

$200 $400 at Amazon

It "works like a charm," praises a second shopper. It "picks up dirt and dust better" than their previous robot vacuum and is "very quiet" during use.

"I have two Old English Sheepdogs," and it "picked up the hair with ease," writes another.

The Shark robot "picks up so much unseen dust." It is fully programmable and can run "even if we are not home," details a fourth shopper. "We loved it so much" that "we bought a second one for my elderly parents." — "Totally worth the money!"

Despite positive reviews, some describe pairing the robot to the app as "painful" and note it may disconnect to your home's wifi network at inconvenient times.

The verdict

If you're tired of traditional vacuuming and want to give a robot vacuum a try, the Shark AI Robot Vacuum with IQ navigation technology may be worth checking out. Shoppers say the Shark "works like a charm" and takes the hassle out of housework. However, some describe the set-up process as "painful," something to remember if you aren't tech-savvy.

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