Sharifah Amani is a step away from marriage

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28 Jun – Sharifah Amani recently announced that she is now engaged to be married.

The "Sepet" actress shared the good news on social media on 26 June with a photo of her showing off her engagement ring, while at the same time blocking the face of her fiancé from view.

"Know know got fiancé," she wrote in a purposely broken English. "Praise be to God, one step closer til when when."

She's engaged
She's engaged

She later shared another post of her prior to the engagement, and wrote, "Thank you all for the warm wishes, doas and love. Thank you for sharing my ups and downs with me all these years. I am humbled and eternally grateful for all the love."

"May all the love be with you too. Thank you for everything," she added.

When asked by the media, Sharifah Amani declined to share the identity of her fiancé, saying instead that she will only reveal who he is on the day of their wedding.

"All I can say is that we have known each other for the past four years. I feel comfortable with him," she added.

It looks like her nieces and nephews will finally get a new uncle!
It looks like her nieces and nephews will finally get a new uncle!

(Photo Source: Sharifah Amani Instagram)

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