Shannen Doherty Praises Kate Middleton's 'Strength' Amid Their Battles With Cancer

Shannen Doherty is praising Kate Middleton following the royal’s cancer diagnosis.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star posted a heartfelt Instagram message Friday shortly after the Princess of Wales revealed her diagnosis, ending widespread speculation about her weekslong absence from the public eye.

Doherty, who has herself battled cancer for years, said in her tribute to Kate that being “a public figure does not mean the public owns that person.”

“We ALL have the right to go thru illness or life privately,” wrote the actor, who said in 2015 that she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2023 that she had brain cancer.

“The onslaught of conspiracy theories, ownership and plain morbid curiosity forced this person to explain herself before she had come to terms with it and explained to her children,” she added, referring to the royal. “I pray this is a learning moment for us all to respect privacy of others.”

Doherty added, “And to Princess Kate, I admire your strength thru the endless onslaught you’ve been under while going thru cancer.”

Shannen Doherty, who has lived with cancer for years, praised Kate Middleton for her
Shannen Doherty, who has lived with cancer for years, praised Kate Middleton for her "strength." Left: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty Images; Right: Chris Jackson /Pool/Associated Press

In a video earlier Friday, Kate said that doctors initially believed she had a noncancerous condition, but that tests following an abdominal operation indicated the presence of cancer. She said that experts advised her to undergo “a course of preventative chemotherapy.”

The Princess of Wales added that she and her husband, Prince William, “have been doing everything we can to process and manage this privately.”

Prior to the announcement, Kate’s absence from public view had spurred countless jokes and theories, with some onlookers reportedly trying to get to the bottom of it themselves.

She’s since received showings of support from not only her brother but also King Charles, as well as Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle.

In her video, Kate thanked her supporters for their love and kindness.

“I am well and getting stronger every day by focusing on the things that will help me heal, in my mind, body and spirits,” the royal said.