Shanghai reports seven new COVID deaths

STORY: All of the cases were elderly with underlying health conditions whom were not vaccinated against COVID, said a Shanghai Municipal Health Commission official, Wu Qianyu.

For Monday (April 18), the city reported 17,332 new local asymptomatic coronavirus cases, down from 19,831 on the previous days. Symptomatic cases stood at 3,084, up from 2,417, though this included 974 asymptomatic people who later developed symptoms.

China's COVID elimination strategy requires testing, tracing and centrally quarantining all positive cases and their close contacts. While tens of thousands of people have already been sent to isolation facilities, many more are forced to isolate in their homes due to their proximity to infected people.

The city has eased movement curbs for some people in low-risk areas, but the vast majority of its 25 million population remain in strict lockdown.

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