Shanghai reports COVID cases outside lockdown areas

STORY: Reports of new COVID-19 cases outside of Shanghai’s lockdown area could spell a setback for the city’s battle against infections.

Authorities reported 58 new cases on Monday (May 2), after two days of no new confirmed cases outside quarantined areas over the weekend.

However, other data showed encouraging trends…with overall local cases down to 6,804 from 7,189 the previous day.

Despite the drop in infections, more fences were erected at some residential blocks in Shanghai on Monday.

Footage filmed by Reuters also showed streets largely devoid of pedestrians and traffic.

Tough coronavirus measures in Shanghai have stirred rare public anger… with millions of the city's 25 million people stuck indoors for more than a month, some sealed inside fenced off residential compounds, and many struggling to secure daily necessities.

Meanwhile in Beijing, authorities pressed on with testing millions of people on a May Day holiday.

China's ‘zero-COVID’ policy is increasingly out of step with the rest of the world,

where many governments have eased restrictions, or thrown them off altogether, with the goal of "living with COVID."

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