Shame on glue: Man and woman caught sniffing glue with child present

Recently, a man and woman were caught on camera sniffing glue in a car with a child in the backseat.

In the 18-second clip that went viral, it showed the couple carelessly taking turns sniffing glue in a moving brown-coloured Proton Iswara while not caring about the child in the back. The incident was reported to have occurred in Melaka.

The individual who recorded the video can be heard saying: “These people really have no brains. Husband and wifi sniffing glue with a little child in the backseat… haih… really no brains!”

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Unfortunately, glue sniffing is not a criminal offence in Malaysia, making it hard for authorities to take legal action. The long-term effects of glue sniffing also include memory loss, addiction and brain degeneration.

Following the posting, netizens also prompted local authorities to take action and investigate the matter. As of now, there has not been any explanation from any party nor an official statement from the police regarding the issue at hand.

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