Shah Alam man’s heroic act of saving stranded brother-in-law and his grandmother using lifesaver tubes goes viral

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Gunaseelan used a lifesaver tube as a flotation device. — Screenshot via R S Leela Facebook Account.
Gunaseelan used a lifesaver tube as a flotation device. — Screenshot via R S Leela Facebook Account.

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 20 — Three days since Malaysia’s deadliest floods in history, many people are still stranded without food or electricity as they await help.

Malaysians have stepped up and initiated search and rescue efforts with their own resources using lifesaver tubes and private boats.

Facebook user R S Leela, whose family was trapped in their home inTaman Sri Muda, Shah Alam, wrote that her grandmother, parents, and siblings needed immediate assistance as all helplines were either engaged or unreachable.

Following her posting, her brother-in-law, Gunaseelan, stepped up to help using lifesaver tubes.

Malaysian social media were moved by the a video shared by Leela of him slowly helping lower her grandmother from the roof to a floating lifesaver below.

The heroic Gunaseelan carried the the elderly lady and gently placed her on the lifesaver.

Apart from Leela’s grandmother, her brother too was rescued with the help of the floatation device.

Leela expressed gratitude to her brother-in-law adding that her parents were still trapped in the house and expected the rescue team to reach them soon.

The post went viral after it was shared on multiple social media platforms after initially being uploaded over 18 hours ago, saw many praising Gunaseelan’s effort.

Leela has not posted updates of the family’s situation and Malay Mail’s effort to reach out to the flood victims were unsuccessful.

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