Shafie: I believe I am a solution to PM impasse, but Harapan indecisive

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Shafie: I believe I am a solution to PM impasse, but Harapan indecisive
Shafie: I believe I am a solution to PM impasse, but Harapan indecisive

Sabah Chief Minister Shafie Apdal has said that he believes he offers a solution to the PM-candidature impasse that has paralysed Pakatan Harapan Plus, but that the group itself appears to be mired in indecision.

"When I was suggested as a prime ministerial candidate, it was to solve the current political impasse.

"However, based on the recent statement by Harapan it shows that they are indecisive.

"I believe I am a solution to the impasse but we can see that there is indecision. Right now we do not have a decision that is very clear," Shafie (above) said at a function at the Dewan Masyarakat Keningau earlier today.

He said if there was no rush after 60 years (Sabah formed Malaysia in 1963) for a leader from Sabah to lead the country, but up until now there has not been one from the state, adding that it does not necessarily have to be him. 

The Semporna MP indicated that there will be further discussions in Kuala Lumpur when he attends Parliament sitting which will begin on July 13.

On July 6, the Harapan presidential council decided in a meeting to commit to its earlier decision that PKR president Anwar Ibrahim (below) will be the coalition’s prime ministerial candidate.

The council said that Anwar now has the full mandate from the coalition to continue discussions with all parties to return Harapan to power. 

The meeting had also discussed the suggestion to name Shafie as a candidate for the top post.

The Warisan leader was proposed late last month as a prime ministerial candidate should Harapan and its allies regain the federal government.

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad floated the idea after Harapan component parties were unable to reach a consensus over whether he or Anwar should be the prime minister if the coalition is able to cobble together majority support in the Dewan Rakyat.

In the past month, Harapan and its allies have claimed that they have enough support amongst MPs to wrest back power but their momentum was halted by the Mahathir-Anwar impasse.