This Shadow Of The Erdtree Armor Will Make You An Even More Effective Damage-Dealer

Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku
Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

The Rakshasa Armor set is a full four-piece set of armor that can only be found in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. This armor set increases your damage output by up to eight percent, so it’s very much worth tracking down and wearing if your total equip load can make it work without forcing you to heavy roll.

Here’s what you need to know about the Rakshasa Armor set and where to find it.

Rakshasa Armor set stats and features

The Rakshasa Armor set has a total weight of 30.5 when all pieces are worn.

Each piece of this armor set provides you with a two-percent damage increase for a maximum of eight percent when all pieces are worn at one time. That’s a pretty substantial buff to your damage output, making this one of the best armor sets in the game for anyone looking to get the most attack power possible without many downsides.

Though the description of the armor pieces states that you’ll take additional damage by wearing the set, this is actually a bit misleading. You don’t directly take more damage by wearing this armor. Rather, the armor itself provides a bit less defense than most sets in its weight class, which simply means you’re likely to take slightly more damage from enemy attacks than you would wearing similar armor sets.

Where to find the Rakshasa Armor set

You can find the Rakshasa Armor set by defeating Rakshasa in the Eastern Nameless Mausoleum. Start your journey to this location at the Castle Watering Hole Site of Grace after taking the coffin exit from Shadow Keep.

Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku
Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

From the Site of Grace, make your way south through the Furnace Golem graveyard until you reach a descending waterfall and the Recluses’ River Upstream Site of Grace on a cliffside. Rest at this Site of Grace so you’ll respawn here if you die along the way to the Eastern Nameless Mausoleum.

From the Recluses’ River Upstream Site of Grace, continue along the linear cliffside pathway until you can drop to an area below you. When you’ve dropped down, head east along the cliffs, then wrap around northeast a bit to see some spectral graves. Here, you can once again drop down—this time along a variety of smaller platforms—until you reach an area with water below. Take the eastern exit from this area to see the Eastern Nameless Mausoleum ahead of you.

Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku
Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

Inside the Eastern Nameless Mausoleum is Rakshasa, a boss wielding a Great Katana. She can dish out damage quickly and is known to unleash follow-up attacks. K eep your distance when possible and try to guard-break her when she goes in for additional hits. When she falls, you’ll earn all four pieces of the Rakshasa set alongside Rakasha’s Great Katana.


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