SG player salary obsession must stop

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Video transcript

- I think it's a bit one track mind to say that you want to pick football. That's it for life. I don't think so, you know. I think actually if you are disciplined enough you can still study. You can still juggle both your studies and your football, especially in Singapore. Where it's not like in the UK where they ask you to uproot and live in the arsenal academy or something. That's-- they're not asking you to do that. They're asking you to put in five hours-- five days of training a week. Is it tough? Yes. But why is it ever going to be easy. You want to be a footballer. You've got to put in the hot hours.

- Correct. 100%.

- If you want to still secure your financial pathway then put in more hard work to study hard as well.

- Could not agree more.

- Just do both. I mean.

- Could not agree more.

- And the financial path is so-- there's so many things you can do nowadays. Look at Jacob Moller for example. Good footballer, got injured. But at the same time he's doing modeling stuff. Yeah, he's good looking. But surely it's also because he's media savvy. Right? So if you pick up all these other skills then you're not limiting yourself to just that 5K paycheck.

- Correct.

- And not that 5K is like terrible salary anyway.

- Yeah.

- The possibilities are limitless. If it's truly your passion-- so I hope the young kids who watch this show, if it's truly a passion just go for it, man.