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These Are the Lingerie Brands You Absolutely Need to Know About

Everyone’s taste in lingerie is different, and there are plenty of options out there no matter what your preferences are. I mean, not everyone likes the ultra-strappy, hard-to-get-in sets, but then again, that might be exactly up someone else's alley if they're trying to go all out. And some people might prefer comfort and functionality over how cute something looks, which, fair! There are tons of lingerie brands in the market that offer all types of styles—from cute to sexy to comfy and everything in between—so you can choose the perfect set that checks all your boxes.

Bras and underwear are arguably the most important purchase you can make—I mean, you only (hopefully) wear them everyday—but it can be overwhelming to branch out with so many companies in the mix. Luckily for you, we rounded up the best ones to shop from, whether they have inclusive sizing, offer half cup sizes, or are just generally notable and great, so keep scrolling for the 32 best lingerie brands that deliver on fit and quality and will make you feel confident as hell.

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These Are the Lingerie Brands You Absolutely Need to Know About

Slip yourself into these pretty styles, stat.

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