‘Sexy Beasts’ Season 2 Trailer Teases More of Netflix’s Wildest Reality Show (Video)

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Netflix has released the trailer for “Sexy Beasts” Season 2, offering up a new crop of singles looking for love – all while wearing heavy prosthetic makeup to hide their true appearance.

The setup of “Sexy Beasts” is a basic speed dating reality show, as singles meet one another and see if they’re a match. The twist is that each person is wearing an elaborate prosthetic that transforms them into some kind of animal or mythical creature, so they’re judging the other person based solely on their personality and not on looks. So a not-so-blind blind date.

“Sexy Beasts” leans into its wild premise in this Season 2 trailer, as the contestants are a little left-of-center.

“A lot of people think [mermaids] are fake, I think they’re very real,” one woman says while wearing what appears to be some sort of puppy costume. “I’m definitely looking for a girl that’s like my mom, but doesn’t look like my mom,” another one says while clad in a full bunny rabbit outfit.

Six all-new, 30-minute episodes of “Sexy Beasts” premiere on Netflix on Oct. 7. Check out the Season 2 trailer above.

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