Sex videos in parliament shock Australia

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison faced mounting rage on Tuesday over his government's response to reports of mistreatment of women in politics.

New allegations broke that male government staff had filmed themselves performing solo sex acts within parliament including on the desk of a female lawmaker.

That was reported by newspaper The Australian as well as Channel 10.

It follows a series of reported sexual assault incidents including rape allegations against Attorney-General Christian Porter, which he strongly denies.

On Tuesday, Morrison vowed to drive cultural change and described reports of the lewd acts as "disgusting":

"I am shocked, and I am disgusted. It is shameful. It is just absolutely shameful. I was completely stunned, as I have been on more than one occasion over the course of this last month."

However, he offered few concrete proposals.

Morrison said he would speak to all government staff and remind them of their responsibilities but didn't go so far as to say what action would be taken.

He did say changes would arrive in the coming weeks.

The ruling party has faced a wave of sustained public pressure.

That's spurred in part by tens of thousands of people rallying last week calling for justice for victims of sexual assault and an end to the degrading treatment of women in the workplace, from sexual harassment to misogyny.