Sex/Life season 2 features NSFW moment to rival that season 1 shower scene

Sex/Life has returned for its second season – and there’s one moment that’s sure to get viewers talking as much as that season one shower scene.

The drama, which was first released on Netflix in 2021, followed Billie (Sarah Shahi), a restless married woman who begins reminiscing about her former lover Brad (Adam Demos).

The show became known for its explicit sex scenes and nudity, with one particularly talked-about scene occurring when Brad is changing at the gym and the camera shows his penis.

Season two arrived on the platform on Thursday (2 March), with one scene in episode six raising eyebrows for similar reasons.

In the scene, Billie’s husband Devon (Mike Vogel) is in the gym changing room with his colleague Devon (Jonathan Sadowski), who is talking about his recent penis reconstruction surgery.

Devon, who is a swinger, needed the operation as he was receiving oral sex when he was involved in a car accident, leading it to be bitten off.

When Cooper asks if he can still have sex, Devon drops his towel, exposing his penis. “I actually gained an inch,” he says to an awkward Cooper.

Devon then grabs his genitals to show how his penis now works, with other men in the changing room looking on impressed.

‘Sex/Life’ has returned for a second season (SABRINA LANTOS/NETFLIX)
‘Sex/Life’ has returned for a second season (SABRINA LANTOS/NETFLIX)

“Who would’ve thought that Piper biting my penis off would have given me a whole new lease of life?” he says. “My man, I am just getting started.”

The scene drew comparisons to Sex/Life’s first scene of full-frontal nudity, which went viral on social media.

When Netflix announced that they were renewing Sex/Life for a second season, the streaming service shared that of the show’s 67 million viewers, 20 million people rewound that scene to watch it more than once.

The scene was even shown on an episode of Celebrity Gogglebox, where Jonathan Ross joked that the penis had “got its own postcode”.

“Jesus Christ, it’s like a salami,” Nick Grimshaw commented.

Sex/Life is on Netflix now.