Severe Storm Surge Leaves Lakeside Town Flooded in Canada

A severe storm off the Great Lakes wreaked havoc across southwestern Ontario on Sunday, November 15, leaving thousands without power, shoreline communities flooded, and wind damage across the region, CTV News reported.

Footage filmed by storm chaser Billy Pickles shows flooding in the town center of Port Dover, which lies on the shores of Lake Erie.

“The rising waters were as a result of a storm surge that was forecasted to create a seiche event inland,” Pickles told Storyful. “The water from the lake traveled roughly 500 meters in from the pier,” he said.

CTV said the flooding was due to a storm surge from the severe storm, with the surge also hitting areas such as Port Ryerse and Long Point and reportedly left extensive flooding in Chatham-Kent. Credit: Billy Pickles via Storyful

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