Severe Flooding Slams Jenkins, Kentucky

Jenkins was one of the towns in eastern Kentucky that was impacted by heavy flooding on Thursday, July 28, following torrential rain in the region.

Footage captured in various areas of the town by local resident Jason Beth shows the accumulation of water on central roads and in residential areas.

At least three people died after severe flooding devastated parts of eastern Kentucky on Thursday, July 28, officials said.

Gov Andy Beshear said people were waiting to be rescued as of 12.30 pm on Thursday. Beshear said he expected the death toll to rise significantly as the National Weather Service warned that more showers and thunderstorms were forecast through Friday.

Jenkins received between six to eight inches of rain in a 48-hour time period, according to the NWS. Credit: Jason Beth via Storyful

Video transcript

- The neighbor, they tried to text me. And the only thing I got was the "what's up."

- [LAUGHS] Yeah.

- So I don't know.

- Yep. Well--

- But it did knock my Wi-Fi out and everything. So I barely got any service.

- Yeah, there is no service. We have-- we're struggling to get one bar here in town.

- Oh, yeah. I went from here to Camden trying to get a little bit of service and look around. And I only can get one bar.

- Yeah.

- We're making it through town right now.

- I'm going through town right now. It's fuck it. I'm going.

- I wouldn't let off the pedal, could get water up in there.

- Oh, it ain't over my exhaust, but it's close.

- Oh.

- Deep right there.


- Well, I ain't going off. I got my truck, four-wheel drive.

- [? Bam. ?] Yeah, have you been down--

- Is there anybody over there that's struggling to get out?

- [INAUDIBLE] we ain't getting them out. [INAUDIBLE] check on [INAUDIBLE].