Several Injured as Two Houses Burn in Brooklyn

Seven people were left with minor injures after a fire damaged two houses in Brooklyn, New York, in the early hours of April 21.

Footage taken by the New York Rescue Response Team shows the fire in a house on East 9th Street as it begins to spread next door.

WABC reported that the fire began at 4 am and was extinguished after one hour. Credit: New York Rescue Response Team via Storyful

Video transcript

- I need 147. [INAUDIBLE] if you're on the second floor, you don't see any fire on the third floor in the rear, careful.

- 10-4. 57's over there. We're on the first floor. 147 29.

- Holy cow.


- 2E2, go ahead for water.


- Says it'll be to the line on the two-side side out.

- How far there away do you guys get in?


- We see smoke from the inside. We pretty much have just got that room done. Step back.

There's two houses. In the rear. 147 calling to command, we need a line in here. Reaching ability from both the second and third floor.



- We're going to be sending 31.

- 147K to 147LZ. Dave, you got the lines out the window. Any supply there in the alleyway. Are we making any headway?

- 10-4 the alley looks good, but there's a lot of fire in the rim. You have to use a line in the rim. Is the lead on 1 or 2?


- Buddy, kicking ass.



- Inside of Brooklyn, nearer the other avenue entrance, they're attending to those.


- Are we 707? As far as division?


- All right, 10-4, all right.


- 147, how we looking there, at getting a line up in 57 was up there?


- I've got a fire on the first and second floor. Now I'm going on on the top floor. hole in the floor. I'm sure there's a copy on the line, that I've got the fire on the second floor. I'm heading All right what I want


- 33 to command.

- Go ahead, 33. There's a short battle over the top of the house.


- Told you about the floor. On the second floor, there's a small fire. There's another larger panel right behind that, that is not on fire yet.

- Car 1-1.

- Car 1-1, there's fire, to help them along.

- 10-4.

- 4-1 to command.


- All right. Somebody call 4-8. 10-4. In process. We're in the cellar of the ground floor. We just cut the utilities. In the front, second-story window it's over and I'm checking that out.


- What size is that to go you're messaging, to 3-3 in the rear?

- 157. We have water on the top floor of the original fire building. Fire is knocked out.

- 3-3 to command.

- Command, 3-3?

- Building we have water, and the fire is knocked down.


- Command to 3-3. 3-3, go ahead.

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