Seven opposition activists arrested in Hong Kong

This is the moment police came to arrest Hong Kong lawmaker Andrew Wan in the latest move by authorities amid a broader crackdown on anti-government forces.

Wan was among seven prominent opposition activists arrested early on Sunday (November 1) on charges relating to the obstruction of a legislative council meeting in May.

Police said six men and one woman had been arrested and that the group included current and former lawmakers.

The seven were later released on bail and several of them appeared at a media briefing at which one of the detained, chairman of the Democratic Party Wu Chi Wai, described the event as "absurd" and intended to create "chilling effect to make people more cautious with their words and actions".

The move come four months after Beijing imposed a contentious national security law that has seen some activists flee for safe havens overseas - though the arrests did not appear to be linked to that law - widely condemned by Western governments and human rights groups - which punishes what Beijing defines as secession, sedition, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces.