Settlement reached in rough arrest of Colorado woman

The city of Loveland, Colorado on Wednesday agreed to pay 3 million dollars to an elderly woman with dementia, who was forcefully arrested for shoplifting last year.

75-year-old Karen Garner suffered a dislocated shoulder and broken arm as a result of her arrest.

Police bodycam footage showed the altercation between her and two officers.

OFFICER 1: "If you try to kick me, this is going to be bad."

GARNER: "I'm going home."

OFFICER 1: "Stop."

GARNER: "I'm going home."

OFFICER 2: "Quit."

The Garner family's attorney Sarah Schielke took aim at the Loveland Police Department's leadership on Wednesday.

"I am sick of having to be the only person holding bad police work accountable in your department. I am sick of being the lead internal investigator at the LPD. But I won't stop so let me make you an offer. You want to build back trust? You want to restore faith to the LPD? Resign. This community cannot heal until there is accountability from leadership."

Both of the officers involved have since resigned and are now facing criminal charges.

But Shielke said Garner's violent arrest had accelerated her decline, and that she now required care around the clock.

Garner's daughter on Wednesday also called for change.

"It's good to know we can keep her in care and have her cared for. But there needs to be some change in this department. I don't want to see this happen to anyone else's families."

"This is justice for my mom."

City Manager Steve Adams offered a 'deep and heartfelt apology' to Garner and her family.

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