Seth Meyers Says Trump Could’ve Gotten Border Wall Funded in 1 Day by Making ‘Ted Cruz Sit in a Dunk Tank’ (Video)

After spending most of his presidency promising a border wall that anybody but the U.S. would pay for, Donald Trump never actually saw that plan come to fruition – which is weird to Seth Meyers, since he’s pretty sure that putting a certain senator in a dunk tank would’ve raised the funds needed in about a day.

To kick off his “A Closer Look” segment on Monday night, Meyers once again made fun of Texas Senator Ted Cruz for repeatedly predicting a “red tsunami” in the midterm elections. Playing a supercut of clips in which Cruz used the term, Meyers joked that the senator himself looks like he’s been stuck on an island after a literal tsunami.

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“It looks like he’s starring in a direct-to-video remake of ‘Castaway,’ except in Cruz’s version, Wilson kills himself after a week,” Meyers mocked.

From there, Meyers only piled on, saying that Cruz’s true “calling in life” maybe isn’t politics, but just looking like a fool over and over again.

“I got to say, it never gets old watching Ted Cruz get absolutely humiliated,” Meyers said. “The only person who loves it more than I do might be, I don’t know, Ted Cruz? It’s clearly his calling in life and he’s so good at it.”

Then, Meyers offered his simple solution to the twice impeached former president’s problems with getting his border wall built: a carnival game.

“Donald Trump spent his entire presidency trying to get congress to pay for his stupid wall, they could’ve raised that money in one day if they just made Ted Cruz sit in a dunk tank,” he joked. “Do you know how much they could’ve brought? There would’ve been enough money left over for a second, smaller wall to make sure nobody f—ed with the first wall.”

You can watch the full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.

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