Seth Meyers Mocks Trump Supporters for Chanting ‘Bulls–‘ at Campaign Stop: ‘You Guys Are the Coolest Kids in 5th Grade’ (Video)

The midterm elections have arrived, but twice impeached former president Donald Trump is still upset about the results of the 2020 election. So much so, in fact, that he riled up a crowd of his supporters into chanting “bulls—” while at a rally this weekend (for another candidate). But to Seth Meyers, that display only reminded him of children.

While in Miami on Sunday in support of Marco Rubio, Trump took the stage to once again put the attention on himself. Speaking on his first impeachment, Trump called out one of the main impeachment managers, Rep. Adam Schiff, saying his words were “total you-know-what.”

“I won’t use it because my wife always says ‘Darling, don’t use the word bulls—‘ so I’m not gonna use it,” Trump said. Naturally, his followers immediately started chanting the word “bulls—,” as part of their continued support for Trump’s lies.

“Wow, you guys are the coolest kids in fifth grade,” Meyers mocked. “‘We got a substitute teacher today, let’s all chant ‘bulls—‘ and see if he cries.'”

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Speaking of impeachments, Meyers had to give former president Obama credit for what the “Late Night” host has dubbed his “stand-up” routine. In various appearances over the last week, Obama has made fun of the idea of Republicans attempting to impeach Biden if and when they take control of the senate.

“They’re not sure why,” Obama mocked. “They’re not sure what for yet, but apparently that’s beside the point.”

At that, Meyers laughed, and reiterated that “one of the only good things about campaign season is the return of stand-up comedy Obama.”

You can watch the full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.