Seth Meyers Drags Trump as ‘Both the Most Dangerous and Also the Laziest President in American History’ (Video)

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Seth Meyers gave Donald Trump a new historical moniker on Thursday night, marveling at how the twice-impeached former president was able to do so much harm while also being “the laziest president in American history.”

Thursday’s Jan. 6 committee hearing called up the depositions of multiple former Trump aides, who all testified that while rioters were attacking the Capitol, Trump himself was sitting in the White House dining room watching TV.

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“You gotta give it to Donald Trump. He was somehow both the most dangerous and also the laziest president in American history,” Meyers joked. “Donald Trump, in the dining room, with the television, is the answer to every mystery in a game of Trump Clue.”

Jokes somewhat aside – it’s still Seth Meyers, after all – the late night host was a bit exasperated by the entire demeanor of everyone in those depositions.

“I mean, seriously, they’re all talking about the President of the United States the way exhausted parents talk about a toddler who needs some chill out time. ‘He’s in the dining room watching ‘Bluey’ I think we should just leave him alone,'” he said.

Of course, these testimonies didn’t come at all as a surprise to Meyers. In fact, he was more surprised that there wasn’t actual footage of Trump encouraging the events of the day.

“Those Depositions are all consistent with what we already knew,” Meyers continued. “Trump was gleefully watching the violence unfold on TV and enjoying it. He was cheering them on like he was watching Sunday Night Football. I’m shocked we don’t have a photo of him in the Oval Office wearing a hat a foam finger and a jersey that says Team Insurrection.”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.

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