Serial killer nurse Lucy Letby 'has keys to her own cushy prison cell,' insider says

Child serial killer Lucy Letby (PA Media)
Child serial killer Lucy Letby (PA Media)

Former nurse Lucy Letby, who was convicted of murdering babies inside a hospital, has reportedly been given keys to her own prison cell.

Families of the seven babies she killed inside Countess of Chester hospital's neonatal unit in 2015 and 2016 are said to be angry she has been given a cosy confinement.

Letby was found guilty in August of these crimes and additionally attempting to murder six other youngsters, for which she was later given a whole life sentence. In September it was announced that she would be appealing the sentence. The 34-year-old is also set to go on trial for one additional count of attempted murder this year.

Lucy Letby is shown to cry in court (PA)
Lucy Letby is shown to cry in court (PA)

Letby was moved from HMP Low Newton in County Durham in November to HMP Bronzefield, near Ashford in Surrey.

It is at this privately run prison that the People said on Sunday she had received the treatment.

A family member of one of the victim’s said: “We thought they were throwing away the key, and now it turns out she has her own.”

Letby is also said to have become friends with fellow inmates, including a mother who murdered her baby and a woman who helped her boyfriend cut up his step-sister's body.

She is also said to be mates with Michelle Smith and Shauna Hoare - both also sentenced for their parts in the killing of minors.

"They were together 24 hours a day – they were a well-known threesome and were literally never apart," a source told the Mirror.

"They’d spend hours sitting on the wing landing playing board games, eating dinner together and tanning in the courtyard.

"I think they got on because they all believed they were innocent."

The Department for Justice has been approached for comment.