Serena Williams Fans Mimic Iconic Twirl in Tribute to Tennis Legend

Fans of tennis star Serena Williams have been recreating the athlete’s iconic celebratory twirl as she takes part in what will possibly be her last US Open.

The #TwirlForSerena trend was promoted by Grand Slam officials in honor of the 23-time Grand Slam champion.

Winston Rice, a professional tennis coach in Los Angeles, performed a twirl in a tennis dress and said he would “keep twirling for (Williams) until well past that last ball is struck.”

Williams hinted she is ready to leave the sport, telling Vogue in early August that she was “evolving away from tennis.”

In a letter addressed to Williams and shared with Storyful, Rice told the tennis star it had been a “privilege” to witness her "extraordinary talent.

“I knew it would come, and yet, I’m still not ready for it,” Rice wrote in the note. “I started playing competitive tennis around the time you won your first slam in 1999, so for me, my tennis story is intertwined with yours. Your wins were my wins; your losses, my losses. Maybe that sounds silly, but that’s my truth,” he continued. “You’ve been a constant inspiration for me, empowering this gay white boy to be unapologetically me on and off the court – a steady symbol of strength, perseverance, and authenticity in the face of adversity.” Credit: Winston Rice via Storyful

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