SenseTime plans HK IPO relaunch - sources

China's SenseTime plans to relaunch its cancelled Hong Kong IPO as early as Monday (December 20).

That's according to sources close to the matter.

It is a change of course for the the artificial intelligence startup.

The company withdrew its $767 million initial public offering this week after the U.S. put it on a blacklist and banned Americans from investing in the firm.

The U.S. Treasury accused SenseTime of developing a facial recognition programme to determine a target's ethnicity - with a focus on ethnic Uyghurs.

One source said SenseTime and its advisers were working to finalise the main investor stake in the new IPO on Thursday (December 16).

The company is now expected to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange before the end of the year.

SenseTime had expected to sell 1.5 billion shares this week.

Sources said the company is now working to update its prospectus to include the U.S. investment ban in its risk factor sections.

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