Senior citizen siblings struggle to care for 76-year-old paralysed brother, hope for a helping hand

Sylvia Looi
The senior citizen siblings in their dilapidated wooden house. — Picture by Farhan Najib

IPOH, Aug 22 — For the past two years since their younger brother became paralysed following a fall from a bicycle, Ng Kok Onn @ Ng Kok Choon and younger sister Ng Kwai Yee have been caring for their younger sibling Kok Ngow.

Kok Onn, 79, would travel from his house at Bandar Seri Botani on motorcycle while Kwai Yee, 76, takes the bus from her house at Gunung View.

The elderly brother and sister make the journey every alternate day to help shower Kok Ngow, who is cared for full-time by their youngest sister Lai Yee, 70,who struggles to care for their brother alone.

“When me and Kwai Yee come, all three of us will move Kok Ngow to a wheelchair from the bed before wheeling him to the washroom to wash him while Kwai Yee will cook simple meals for them,” he added.

Speaking to reporters when met at their dilapidated wooden house at  Jalan Lee Chuk Kai here today, Kok Onn said on days they do not come, Lai Yee, who is a slow learner, would buy food from a nearby coffee shop to be shared with Kok Ngow.

A tearful Ng Kwai Yee relates how she would take the bus from her home at Gunung View to their family home in Falim. — Picture by Farhan Najib

The biggest worry for both Kok Onn and Kwai Yee now though is what will happen to their younger siblings when they pass on.

“We hope non-governmental organisations will take them both in to allow them to spend their twilight years together,” added Kok Onn.

Kok Ngow’s condition, he said, was deteriorating.

“We need to fork out RM30 to send him to hospital for treatment on alternate days,” adding they also had to spend more on adult diapers needed by Kok Ngow.

Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Low Guo Nan, who is assisting the family, said he had approached several old folks’ homes on whether they would take in Kok Ngow and Lai Yee.

Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Low Guo Nan called on the public to help ease the siblings’ struggles. — Picture by Farhan Najib

“Most of them are only willing to take in Lai Yee as she was still able bodied. 

“But I am appealing to any homes to take both siblings in as Lai Yee can help to take care of Kok Ngow,” said Low.

Low noted that it was not conducive for them to continue staying on at the house which would leak during heavy rain.

“It will also be flooded whenever it rains more than an hour,” he said.

Those who are able to help the senior citizen siblings can contact Low at 012-5321128.

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