The Senegalese migrant who saved a drowning man

When a 72 year-old man fell from a pedestrian bridge spanning Bilbao's Nervion river, Mouhammad Fada Diouf was one of three Senegalese immigrants and an off-duty police officer who jumped into its murky waters to rescue him.

Diouf leapt into the river and for 15 minutes kept the man afloat.

Other migrants jumped to help him when his strength began to fade, until a nearby boat rescued them all.

"We saw him falling down, I was running. A lot of people were standing here and taping, and nobody was able to help him. He was in a bad situation so I decided to save him, to help him, because I know how to swim, I knew that I can do it. And I was like, come on. So I jumped here to save him. I tried and finally did it."

He told Reuters he was with a group of friends near the river on Monday (June 21) when they saw the man lose his balance and fall into the water.

Diouf came to Spain four years ago.

After the video of the rescue went viral, a request was opened in to reward his courageous act with legal papers to stay in Spain.

"They called me and appreciate it, they told me, 'Congratulations'. A lot of them called me and said, 'We love what you did, you are a super hero,' you know, nothing more."

The professional basketball team Bilbao Basket, where Fada Diouf plays in a migrant integration program, praised him as a great role model.

The team said on Twitter: "You are what we want to be."

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