Selling Sunset's Maya says this cast member throws them all 'under the bus'

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Photo credit: Courtesy Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy Netflix

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Despite all working together at The Oppenheim Group, it's no secret the stars of Netflix reality hit Selling Sunset aren't the best of friends outside office hours. Back in November, Mary Fitzgerald spilled the tea on who she no longer speaks to from the cast while Chrishell Stause previously revealed she even went as far as to block Christine Quinn on social media.

Well, it sounds like Chrishell isn't the only one who isn't feeling Christine right now as Maya Vander has claimed Christine uses her co-stars to win publicity for herself.

During an interview with, Maya said she always tried to keep her distance from the drama and was disheartened to hear Christine label her the "gossiper" in the group.

"Christine just did an interview which actually caught me by surprise," Maya shared. "I heard she said I'm 'the gossiper' or something, but I really don't want to be involved in the drama. Sure, will I ask questions that will lead to an uncomfortable conversation, yeah, I do that, but not to create anything. I really couldn't care less to be honest.

Photo credit: Courtesy Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy Netflix

She added, "I'm married, I have two kids, I have a very nice work thing going on for myself and I just don't want to destroy it being on a reality show and fighting with people."

Maya went on to accuse Christine of throwing her co-stars "under the bus" in order to generate more headlines.

"Christine obviously gained a lot of interviews and articles because she's got such a no-nonsense attitude and she's clearly not scared to say anything, is she? Yeah, she can throw all of us under the bus, but she says things and I think she's very impulsive, and that's fine. She wants to ride the success; she wants to get the great PR and that's fine."

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

The Miami-based agent said Christine makes the show fun to watch and she's entertaining, before adding, "But if I would want to have more articles and PR trust me, I could say a lot of things, but I keep it more to life."

As for what Christine is like off-screen, Maya said, "I think she does have an ego! But you know, I think she's more calm and quiet in real life. I think when the cameras are rolling, she does love the attention and she just rides it."

We suspect there's going to be A LOT of awkwardness when season four eventually rolls around. Can't wait.

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