Selina Jen elated over porridge business success

Heidi Hsia
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4 May – Now that her packed porridge brand has launched its second product, Selina Jen could not believe that she didn't go to business school when she was much younger.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who spoke to the media at the product launch for her brand, Ren Sing Eat Shot, stated that she felt a sense of accomplishment when her first product sold more than 100,000 boxes.

"I felt like a child getting the applause on stage. I hope that I can make more good products, so that the more you eat, the healthier you get and the more you love yourself," she said.

Selina launches her new product - a Mother's Day gift box of heartwarming porridge
Selina launches her new product - a Mother's Day gift box of heartwarming porridge

Selina also added that she would never have been able to succeed in her business without her strong creative team, saying, "I learned a lot, as if I was in a class. I can only blame myself for not taking business courses at university. I feel like I can do the EMBA right now."

Asked why she decided to start her own food business instead of going the beauty route as most female celebrities do, the singer said that she has always been a foodie.

"I hope that in the future, no matter how busy and tired you are, you can quickly replenish your strength and have a little moment to let yourself eat delicious food," she added.

Her new product is a Mother's Day gift box. Said Selina, she had asked her own mother to pick the gift box and the flavour.

"After tasting several samples, she chose the red bean and purple rice. She said it makes her happy to eat it," she added.

Selina professes to be a foodie
Selina professes to be a foodie

(Photo Source: Selina Jen Instagram)