Self-Driving Teslas Have a Small Issue With Crashing Into Curbs

Curbal Remedy

Tesla's controversial Full Self-Driving (FSD) software isn't just veering drivers into oncoming traffic and making terrifying, unprotected left turns — it's also scraping up rims on curbs left and right.

Numerous posts making their rounds on social media show pictures of damaged rims, as spotted by InsideEVs, as the result of the EV maker's driver assistance software getting a little too close for comfort with the side of the road.

"Why won’t Tesla replace my rim if your FSD system is the one that caused it to run into the curb?" one owner lamented on X-formerly-Twitter. "I sent them 2 videos and a pic!"

"I was driving in the right lane, and there was a point ahead in the road where the right lane widens," another Reddit user recalled after ramming into a curb at 40 mph. "For some reason FSD decided to adjusted the path to stay in the middle of the lane too early and hit the curb on the right side."

A Tesla Model Y owner reported similar results on Reddit. Another user was quick to point out that "this is posted pretty much daily here. I enjoy FSD but learned to use it mostly on the freeway just for this exact reason."

Rim City

Besides triggering several governmental investigations, Tesla has struggled significantly to iron the kinks out of the $15,000 "self-driving" add-on.

Pushing glaring issues aside, Musk recently mandated all Tesla employees to install the feature and have salespeople demo the beta to new buyers.

Musk has been pushing the software hard, even trying to convince other carmakers to license it, none of which have taken him up on the offer.

We've also come across several fatal collisions that reportedly involved the company's Autopilot feature. Last week, Tesla also settled with a family who sued the company over a death that allegedly involved Autopilot in an apparent attempt to avoid public scrutiny.

While curb scrapes aren't likely to result in a fatal collision, the trend highlights just how much work Tesla still has ahead of it when it comes to actually accomplishing its goal of its vehicles fully driving themselves.

Avoiding curbs is a pretty basic task, after all, that human drivers in training hopefully learn on the first day behind the wheel.

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