Selena Lee admits more attention since "The Queen of News"

8 Dec - Selena Lee recently admitted that attention towards her has been increasing in mainland China ever since she starred in the new Charmaine Sheh series, "The Queen of News".

The actress, who spoke about the drama recently, stated that while she hasn't received any offers to film dramas from productions in the north, she has been getting invitations to different types of programmes, including variety shows.

"I have never done a variety show. Many people were misled by the drama and thought that I am very eloquent. In fact, I do not have the gift of the gab. I don't know if I can handle it, but I can give it a try," she said.

Selena stars with Charmaine Sheh in 'The Queen of News'
Selena stars with Charmaine Sheh in 'The Queen of News'

Meanwhile, Selena is busy with her other work. The actress stated that she will be going to the United States for a concert tour and that accepting any commercial performances in the mainland will not be possible for the time being.

(Photo Source: Selena Lee IG)