Selena Gomez Wore the Viral $16 Scarf Instagram is Obsessed With

Kelsey Stiegman
Photo credit: Barcroft Media - Getty Images

From Seventeen

There was a two-month period during the Hot Girl Summer of 2019 when you couldn't log onto Instagram without seeing this rainbow scarf repeated over and over again on your feed.

Fashion influencers and high-profile editors were repurposing the vibrant strip of fabric as a top, as a hair scarf, as a bag detail – basically, any way it's possible to work a 12" square into your outfit.

For her recent Dazed cover, Selena Gomez herself wore the scarf. She knotted it around her head and offset the bright colors with a glossy cherry lip and a metallic leopard print gown that I want to be buried in.

Though it's being adapted by one of the most famous women in music, this accessory isn't some high-priced Insta bait no one else can afford. Actually, it's completely free. Each scarf comes free with a purchase from Insta famous underwear brand Parade – just add it on when buying any of Parade's $9 undies at checkout.

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