Selena Gomez Just Became Godmother to Her Cousin Priscilla's Baby Girl

Alyssa Bailey
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Selena Gomez just received a rare honor: becoming godmother to her cousin Priscilla Cosme's baby girl, Aubriella Marie Cosme. Priscilla announced the news on her Instagram Story, sharing a photo of Selena holding Aubriella. (Selena is currently with family in Texas.)

"So this happened," Priscilla wrote. Selena appears with Aubriella, who's wearing a Snow White dress, with a sign that reads, "Every princess needs a fairy godmother. Will you be mine?"

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Selena and Priscilla are very close, with Selena serving as maid of honor for Priscilla's wedding in July 2019. Selena is also godmother to Priscilla's oldest child, son Aiden.

At the wedding, Selena was recorded giving a speech where she told Prisiclla, "You taught me to be strong."

In January when Selena's album Rare came out, Priscilla shared a tribute to Selena on her Instagram. "Rare out tomorrow," Priscilla wrote. "I’m so fucking proud of the women you’ve become. From diapers to liking the same boy in elementary, to heartaches, traveling, growing up. I love you and I’m so fucking proud. #theglowupisreal"

In July 2019, Priscilla revealed Selena threw her a bachelorette vacation to Mexico. She wrote to Selena, "& I wouldn’t want anyone else standing next to me at the alter (even the two pregnant ones that couldn’t attend) My maid of honor really showed out this weekend and threw me the bachelorette party of my dreams. I am forever grateful."

Selena also made Priscilla's dream wedding dress a reality for her. "When your maid of honor makes your dream dress a reality and surprises you with it!" Priscilla wrote in December 2017.

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