Selangor’s top Covid-19 hotspot ‘mukim’: Damansara, Kajang, Klang, Hulu Langat, Bukit Raja

Ida Lim
Army and police personnel conducting roadblock checks during the movement control order (MCO) in Shah Alam April 5, 2020. — Picture by Miera Zulyana

KUALA LUMPUR, April 8 — Selangor is now the first state in the country to cross the 1,000-case threshold for Covid-19, but what are the “mukim”, or parish, in each district in Selangor that have recorded the highest number of cases so far?

As the state that is worst-affected in Malaysia by the Covid-19 outbreak, Selangor’s total cumulative tally of cases is 1,020, which amounts to a quarter or 25.7 per cent per cent of the 3,963 cases recorded in the country as of April 7.

Selangor’s red zones according to districts

In the Health Ministry’s release today of the latest numbers on the distribution of Covid-19 cases nationwide, Selangor is marked as having five of its nine districts categorised as “red zones” or districts where more than 41 cases have been recorded.

The five districts that are red zones in Selangor are Hulu Langat (345), Petaling (306), Klang (123), Gombak (111) and Sepang (46), as of the latest data on April 7.

As for the four other districts in Selangor, three of them are orange zones or districts where 20 to 40 Covid-19 cases have been recorded — Kuala Selangor (30), Hulu Selangor (27), Kuala Langat (22), while the district of Sabak Bernam is a yellow zone where less than 20 cases have been recorded.

Selangor’s red zones according to ‘mukim’

But what if you as a Selangor resident wanted a more detailed breakdown of the cases in each district to be further outlined according to each parish?

The Selangor Health Department has today released the distribution of Covid-19 cases according to parish as of April 7 noon.

Using the same colour codes as those used at the federal level, the Selangor Health Department lists down the number of Covid-19 cases in parishes in the worst-hit district in the state — Hulu Langat — as follows: the parishes in red zones (Kajang (113), Hulu Langat (101), Ampang (60), Cheras (46)), the parishes in yellow zones (Beranang (11), Semenyih (9)), while Hulu Semenyih has zero cases.

For the Petaling district, the further breakdown of Covid-19 cases according to parish are: the red zones (Damansara (117), Bukit Raja (95), Petaling (73) and yellow zone Sungai Buluh (9).

In the Klang district, the two parishes there are Klang (105) in the red zone category and Kapar (24) in the orange zone category.

For the Gombak district, the parishes in the orange zone category are Hulu Kelang (39), Batu (28), while the rest are yellow zones (Rawang (20), Kuang (12), Setapak (11)).

For the Sepang district, the parish of Dengkil is an orange zone with 38 cases, while the two other parishes are yellow zones (Labu (15) and Sepang (1)).

Going by only the parishes in Selangor that are now red zones (regardless of which district they fall under), these would be Damansara (117), Kajang (113), Klang (105), Hulu Langat (101), Bukit Raja (95), Petaling (73), Ampang (60), and Cheras (46).

Be careful not to mix these places up

Just like Kuala Lumpur where the Health Ministry’s distribution of Covid-19 cases are according to only four districts that share the same names as some of the 11 parliamentary constituencies in Kuala Lumpur, care should be taken not to be confused by the names of the areas or places listed in Selangor depending on their administrative areas.

Cheras, for example, is a parliamentary constituency in Kuala Lumpur, but is also part of the bigger Cheras district under the Health Ministry that also covers the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary constituency.

At the same time, Cheras is also the name of a parish that falls under the Hulu Langat district in Selangor.

Zooming out back to Malaysia

Malaysia as a whole gained two new red zones on April 7, with the addition of the Sepang district in Selangor and Kota Samarahan district in Sarawak. This means that there are now 23 red zones in Malaysia.

The good news for April 7 however is that Malaysia did not see any districts recorded as new orange zones.

Similarly, Malaysia did not see any of the 29 districts nationwide that are still green zones—or districts where no Covid-19 cases have been recorded—losing such status as of April 7.

The death toll in Malaysia from Covid-19 cases stands at 63 as of April 7.

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