‘See you in court’ — Actress Puteri Sarah Liyana responds to husband Syamsul Yusof’s second marriage

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 6 — Actress Puteri Sarah Liyana is planning legal action after her husband, director Syamsul Yusof, confirmed his second marriage.

Yesterday, Syamsul revealed in an Instagram video that he had married actress Ira Kazar, witnessed by her father, Kazar Saisi.

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The director made it clear that Puteri Sarah was still his wife and urged her to come home and discuss the issue.

Puteri Sarah then took to Instagram to reply.

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She claimed that she was unable to come home because Syamsul had blocked her phone number for a year.

“When you came to visit your own parent’s house you knew I lived there, “ Puteri Sarah said in the video.

The 37-year-old alleged that before leaving the home in 2020, Syamsul told her he did not want to marry Ira.

“If you had stuck to your word from the start I would’ve gone to the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department to make a report on the disturbance caused,” she said.

“But now your new wife has broken the law by ignoring the injunction, so I will see you guys in court.”

The actress also urged Syamsul to be honest to their children Syaikhul and Summayah by ‘not pretending to be an angel’.

“If Syaikhul and Summayah were to testify in court, they would say it was their father who left the house the most,” she added.

Syamsul’s father, film producer Datuk Yusof Haslam, expressed his disappointment that Syamsul reportedly did not consult any of his parents before marrying Ira.

He added that social media controversy could have been avoided if his son had discussed the second marriage earlier and hoped that Syamsul and Puteri Sarah will resolve the issue.

Datin Fatimah Ismail, Syamsul’s mother, also told Harian Metro that she does not approve of her son’s marriage with Ira.

“I do not accept this. I just learnt of this after being told by Syamsul himself. But I told him that I do not accept it and do not bless it.” she said.