Secret millionaire claims his parents would disown him ‘if they found out’

 (Jam Press/@beppewrld)
(Jam Press/@beppewrld)

Fiorentino’s parents immigrated to Switzerland when he was just a child, hoping to escape the organised crime that plagued their native country, Sicily – where the mafia is believed to have originated.

Due to his parents’ upbringing, the 26-year-old claims he is forced to keep the true size of his bank balance a secret, for fears of how his family would react.

“To my parents, my wealth is incomprehensible,” Giuseppe (@beppewrld), who made his fortune through e-commerce, told

“I can’t tell them the truth because they would never understand – they’ve never heard of reselling goods for profit.

“They know me and know that I’m a good human being, but would instantly believe that I was doing some kind of criminal activity.

“I’ve got a diamond watch worth £27,000 and I never wear it around them, because to my parents it’s a sign that I’m up to no good.”

“Southern Italy is very poor and most of the people with money there are in the Mafia.

“If you go around flaunting your wealth with designer clothes, luxury watches and high-end cars, then everyone knows that you’re part of a gang.

“Nothing has to be said – it’s just a fact.

“ I can’t share this side of my life with some of my Italian family members, because I’m scared they’d disown me.

“No matter how hard I tried to convince them that I am an entrepreneur who has made his money through blood, sweat, and tears, they’d still think I was in the mafia.”

Giuseppe, who has almost 50,000 followers on Instagram launched his business, 3CC Group AG, a firm that trains others in the skills of e-commerce, currently makes $100,000 a month.

With a love of luxury cars and designer goods, he’s not shy about splashing his cash, buying a $150,000 McLaren 570S and a $100,000 Mercedes AMG GLC.

Aside from the cards, the young millionaire also likes to jet off on expensive holidays whenever he can, having recently popped over to Dubai, South Africa, and Egypt.

Giuseppe even jetted off to London recently just to pick up a new Rolex and then return to Zurich, where he’s based.

Unfortunately, however, he isn’t able to share as much of his money with his family.

As most of them are older and don’t use the internet, he isn’t worried about them reading up on his success online.

Giuseppe said: “I interned at a Swiss bank when I was 16 years old and was offered a job afterward, my parents think I still work there now.

“I’ve always wanted to be rich but never knew how to do it I stumbled across e-commerce.

“I started out selling small clothes online but then expanded into bigger goods.

“When I turned 23 quit my job at the bank and haven’t looked back since.”