Secondary school teacher in Hong Kong resigns after accidentally broadcasting porn he was watching while teaching

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, May 20 — A secondary school teacher in Hong Kong has tendered his resignation after he accidentally broadcast porn he was watching onto a screen during a lesson.

The matter was confirmed to Coconuts by the school principal.

The teacher's activity came to light after one of his students shared the matter anonymously on an Instagram page nss.secrets that shares happenings in schools around the city.

The incident had occurred at an all-girls school in Sau Mau Ping in Eastern Kowloon.

According to the person who posted, a student had noticed the teacher was having an erection and had to use a book to cover his private part area.

The person claimed that after students called the teacher out, he tried to silence them saying that if news got out, it would affect the school’s reputation.

The source further claimed that was not the first time the teacher was caught watching porn in the classroom.

'Since he is so addicted to sex that he can’t help but watch porn during classes, and even had an erection, can anyone guess what will happen next time?” the person asked, slamming the school for covering up the matter.

In a separate post, the teacher was said to be watching porn while giving students a dictation.

The person who submitted the post said it took the teacher five minutes to realise that he was sharing his screen with students.

Meanwhile, Leung Shek Chee College principal Eva Chau confirmed the teacher was previously attached with the school but had since resigned following the incident.

She also confirmed the school had arranged counselling for the affected students.

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