Second suspect in Canada stabbing still at large

STORY: One of the two suspects in Sunday's mass stabbing in Canada remains at large.

Police were still searching on Tuesday for Myles Sanderson, who, along with his brother Damien, is accused of killing ten people and injuring 18 across Saskatchewan.

The body of Damien Sanderson was found on Monday in the James Smith Cree Nation.

Following a possible sighting of his brother Myles, police were drawn back to the area Tuesday with residents warned to shelter in place.

Hours later, police said they believed him to no longer be in the community and were expanding their search.

Evan Bray is the Regina Police Chief:

"This RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) led investigation has been continuing now since Sunday morning and early on Sunday, we had information that proved to be reliable that Myles Sanderson was in our community and as a result, the Regina Police Service was assisting the RCMP in trying to locate him. Today, we've received information that is leading us to believe he may no longer be in this community. As a result, investigations continue, and although we don't know his whereabouts, we are still looking not only within the city of Regina, but expanded into the province as well."

Sunday's attack was one of the deadliest in Canada's modern history.

Among the surviving victims, 10 remained in hospital as of Tuesday afternoon.

Seven were in stable condition and three in critical, according to health authorities.