Sebastian Korda, Quarantining in Australia, Slams Tennis Ball Into Groin

American tennis player Sebastian Korda on January 6 announced he had tested positive for COVID-19 after landing in Adelaide, South Australia, and posted the news alongside a video in which he gives himself an unexpected whack in the groin.

Korda’s video shows the 21-year-old practicing by hitting a ball against the wall of the hotel room he was isolated in ahead of the Australian Open in Melbourne. Unfortunately for Korda, the ball rebounds off the wall and strikes him in the groin, prompting him to bend over and let out grunts of pain.

“Landed in Adelaide and tested positive,” Korda wrote in the caption on Twitter. “No symptoms and two negative results since testing positive. Respecting all the local COVID protocols and training in my room, but I have to work on my ball control, literally. Thank you Tennis Australia for all the equipment! #badbounce.”

Korda’s positive test came amid news that Serbia’s Novak Djokovic, ranked No 1 in world tennis, had been denied entry to Australia due to COVID-19 vaccine requirements. According to Australian reports, Djokovic had been confined to a hotel room in Melbourne after border forces rejected his exemption from vaccination rules. Credit: Sebastian Korda via Storyful

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