‘Their season is over’ – Evra makes ‘shock’ prediction for ‘weird’ Liverpool at Tottenham

Patrice Evra talks about Liverpool Credit: Alamy
Patrice Evra talks about Liverpool Credit: Alamy

Former Man Utd defender Patrice Evra thinks the season will be “over” for Liverpool if they lose to Tottenham on Sunday.

The Reds have made a poor start to the new Premier League season with Jurgen Klopp’s side winning just four of their opening 12 fixtures.

Back-to-back league losses to Nottingham Forest and Leeds United has seen Liverpool take up ninth position in the Premier League table – but they did bounce back with an impressive 2-0 victory over Napoli in midweek.

Evra is not convinced that Liverpool are turning a corner and reckons Tottenham will end their season by inflicting a 2-1 defeat on them this coming Sunday.

The former Man Utd man told The Metro: “We are back to a point where we are saying if Liverpool lose, their season is over and if they win their season is back on track. Their defence is weak. It’s going to be a good game. Tottenham got a late goal last time out and I think there’s been a lot of criticism about them, but people need to calm down and remember where they were.

“I’m going for Spurs and Conte in this one, because you can’t trust Liverpool this season, which is so weird because normally you can trust Klopp’s side. Everyone is in shock, what is going on with that team.”

Klopp didn’t shy away from the size of the game at Tottenham in his pre-match press conference, he said: “Big game for us. Massive game – and difficult as well, Spurs away.

“I didn’t count the points distance between us and them but we have to go for it. We know it is difficult, we all know Tottenham is a side that is well-organised, defending an extremely high level and counter-attacking is a massive thing.

“Spurs is in a good moment, turned their last two games around in the last minute and the last one was an extremely big one (in the Champions League) so they are confident and strong.”

After beating Manchester City and Serie A leaders Napoli this season, there have been suggestions Liverpool perform to a higher level against the better sides, but Klopp doesn’t agree.

Klopp added: “We didn’t only do that (perform against top sides). Bournemouth, we won 9-0 and against Rangers (7-1).

“Our problem, why we changed system, one is the availability of players and the other is we were not as solid defensively.

“You can always point a finger at the things you don’t do well or you give a completely new text book and that is what we tried.

“Our problem in these moments was defending as a unit. We defended Napoli extremely well, we closed the right gaps, chasing from the pack, our counter-press was good, high last line so we could be high up in midfield.

“We defended in a system better than five or six weeks ago and, if we defend, we have to attack as well.”

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