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What Happens to Clay and Ani?

Throughout the season, Clay seems like a possible suspect in the disappearance of Bryce Walker, especially in the eyes of the police. After Bryce's body is found, evidence only continues to pile up. Police obtain a warrant to search Clay's home, where the police find phone records indicating that Clay was driving near the area where Bryce was later found dead on the night that he died.

At the assembly where Jessica intends on apologizing to the Hillcrest players for what went down at the Homecoming game, Clay is arrested and led out of the auditorium. He gets lucky, however. We learn that Ani's mysterious narration is actually being directed to Deputy Standall, Alex's dad, in a police interrogation room. Ani tells Deputy Standall that Clay had been driving around with her all night on the night of Bryce's death, giving him an alibi. She also tells Alex's dad that Monty may have been the one to kill Bryce, saying that Monty threatened Bryce the night of the game (though, in reality, Monty had been at the house of Winston, the guy Monty hooked up with over the Summer).

Ani claims that Alex had been with Tyler (though Alex was instead at the pier with Jessica to meet Bryce) and though Alex's dad has his suspicions about his son's innocence, he accepts Ani's story. Later, Ani tells her mom that she and Clay are now dating (which is news to Clay, but he goes along with it).

Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why Was Beyond Confusing, So Let's Recap How It All Ended

Um, so, season three of 13 Reasons Why was pretty batsh*t crazy, and we wouldn't be surprised if you're still trying to figure out what the heck happened a year later. Between all of the murder suspects, all of the drama, and the totally confusing time jumps, you could say that this season was a touch hard to follow, but it was still completely addicting nevertheless. How did the season conclude for all of our favorite characters? While some got happy endings (or, at least, somewhat promising endings), not everyone's stories ended on a happy note. While we gear up for the fourth and final season, here is how season three concludes for the students of Liberty High School.

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