The search for a fair jury for Ghislaine Maxwell

Judge Alison Nathan on Tuesday began asking whether potential jurors know any of the Maxwell accusers who will be testifying at the trial, and if they have opinions about people with "luxurious lifestyles" that would prevent them from being impartial.

Due to the personal nature of many of the questions, prospective jurors are appearing individually before Nathan and lawyers for both sides.

Nathan will dismiss individuals whose answers indicate they could be biased, known as a strike for cause. Prosecutors and defense attorneys will be able to object to those rulings and propose follow-up questions.

"The fact that there is so much notoriety in this case and the fact that there has been so much media coverage definitely presents additional challenges to finding a fair and impartial jury," attorney Moira Kim Penza told Reuters.

Nathan has said she hopes to have a pool of 50 to 60 qualified jurors by the time voir dire is complete on Nov. 19.

Opening statements are scheduled for Nov. 29. The trial is expected to last six weeks.

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