Seagulls stuck in ice rescued by Buffalo couple

STORY: This seagull is stuck in ice

after a deadly snowstorm

This woman is trying to save it

Location: Buffalo, New York

Alex McArthur and her partner managed

to free 16 seagulls over the weekend

using a chisel and a hammer

(Alex McArthur)

“So once you kind of uncovered some of that initial ice that it was essentially, let's see what part of them is stuck, just frozen into the ice. And it was just trying to strategically go around that and chisel away ever so gently to make sure that, you know, we were freeing them without hurting them.”

They took one bird home in a box

because its wings were frozen shut

and kept it on their heated patio

until it could fly again

(Seamus Gallivan)

“I'd like to think that when... when that first one flew off and then flew back toward us, it was a way to give thanks and then maybe also to say 'Go back and get the others!"