Sea-Watch Rescues Over 400 Migrants Adrift in Central Mediterranean

Nearly 500 people were rescued from small craft in the Mediterranean Sea on July 23, the migrant rescue organization Sea-Watch said.

Sea-Watch said their team rescued 428 people, including two pregnant women and multiple young children, from four small boats on Saturday.

On July 24, the organization tweeted that Sea-Watch 3 was “heading north” and “hoping to get a port of safety assigned soon.”

Videos filmed by Nora Börding show the rescues on Saturday. Credit: Nora Börding/Sea-Watch via Storyful

Video transcript

- OK, we're good. Now just stay calm. Calm, sitting, OK? No waving. Sitting, OK?


- [INAUDIBLE] approximately [INAUDIBLE].

One of which is a woman and several children [INAUDIBLE].

- Everyone, look at me. I show it the second time. This black line, behind my back, OK? Like this. You see it? Then this around my head, OK?

- OK.

- And then you attach. And you make it tight, very tight. OK?

- OK. OK. Everyone understand?

- Good. Thank you very much.

- Because I'm turning the boat.


- Uno, uno.

- One, one.

- One, one. OK. [INAUDIBLE]


- One by one, one by one.


- OK, keep calm. Stay calm.

- Just stay calm.